Venezuelan Islands Award


The RADIO CLUB VENEZOLANO, with the purpose of fomenting the Amateur Radio, in special the activation of the different Venezuelan islands, in order to present them as much in the national scope as the international, has decided to create and to grant the "DIPLOMA ISLAS VENEZOLANOS" D.I.V. (Venezuelan Islands Award), that it will be sent according to the following bases :

1º- The present award is of international scope, and any Amateur Radio or Listener (SWL) will be able to accede to it.

2º- All the contacts with the different islands will have to be made after the 1 of January of 1980.

3º -Award can be requested in (4) four versions:


  B- CW



4º- The contacts in crossed bands or modes will not be taken into account, nor those done through repeaters, nodes, relays or via Internet (echolink, iLink, etc). Nevertheless, the carried out via satellite will be considered.

5º- The applicant, will have to demonstrate by means of the corresponding QSL cards, have contacted or listened the minimun number of required islands of the DIV directory listing, can be worked in any band or mode assigned to the amateur radio.

6º- Basic award will be granted to any foreign operator or listener (SWL) who demonstrates to have worked (or listened), at least, 20 Venezuelan islands from the DIV directory.

7º- Basic award will be granted to any venezuelan operator or listener (SWL) who demonstrates to have worked (or listened), at least, 30 Venezuelan islands from the DIV directory.

8º- A special award will be granted to any venezuelan or foreign operator or listener (SWL) who demonstrates to have worked (or listened), at least, 50 Venezuelan islands from the DIV directory.

9º- The contact made by two stations, both on the same island, will be considered valid for the object of this award.

10º- Those contacts made with portable stations will be considered valid, whenever they are within the effective legality.

11º- To request the D.I.V., the QSLs have to be sent without no type of amendments nor scrapings , associates to the request properly full, containing the following data: Station worked (heard), state, UTC time and date, mode, the foreign stations only need to send the list of the contacts certified by any society member of IARU.

12º- The D.I.V award fee is::

  Venezuelan stations 20.000 Bs.
  Foreign stations 12 $ ó 24 IRC

13º- To request the award, use the folowing address:

Comisión de Concursos y Diplomas
Apartado Postal 2285
Caracas 1010-A


Ref. DIV Ref. IOTA Name State
DIV-001 NA-020 Is. Aves  
DIV-002 SA-090 Is.Piritu Adentro 3.000mts. Anzoategui
DIV-003 SA-090 Is.Piritu Afuera 3.600mts. Anzoategui
DIV-004 SA-090 Is.La Borracha 4.800mts. Anzoategui
DIV-005 SA-090 Is.Los Borrachitos Anzoategui
DIV-006 SA-090 Is.El Borracho Anzoategui
DIV-007 SA-090 Is.Borrachito del Este Anzoategui
DIV-008 SA-090 Is.Chimana Grande 7.300mts. Anzoategui
DIV-009 SA-090 Is.Chimana del Este Anzoategui
DIV-010 SA-090 Is.Chimana Segunda Anzoategui
DIV-011 SA-090 Is.Chimana del Sur Anzoategui
DIV-012 SA-090 Is Tigrillo Anzoategui
DIV-013   Is.Redonda Anzoategui
DIV-014   Is.Burro Anzoategui
DIV-015   Is.El Faro Anzoategui
DIV-016   Is.Pitahaya Anzoategui
DIV-017 SA-090 Is.Cachicamo (al este de chimana del sur) Anzoategui
DIV-018 SA-090 Is.Los Monos Anzoategui
DIV-019   Is. De Plata Anzoategui
DIV-020   Is.Tiguitigui Anzoategui
DIV-021   Morro de Turiamo Aragua
DIV-022   Morro de Ocumare Aragua
DIV-023 SA-058 Is. Larga 1.300mts. Carabobo
DIV-024 SA-058 Is.Santo Domingo (al occidente is.larga) Carabobo
DIV-025 SA-058 Is.Alcatraz 780mts. Carabobo
DIV-026   Is.Ratanes Carabobo
DIV-027 SA-058 Is. Del Rey Carabobo
DIV-028 SA-058 Is.Goaigoaza 400mts. Carabobo
DIV-029 SA-063 La Cotorra (Punta Bernal) Delta Amacuro
DIV-030 SA-063 Is. Del Medio Delta Amacuro
DIV-031 SA-063 Is. Redonda Delta Amacuro
DIV-032 SA-063 Is. Corocoro Delta Amacuro
DIV-033 SA-015 Is.Los Monjes del Sur Dep. Federales
DIV-034 SA-051 Is.Las Aves de Sotavento Dep. Federales
DIV-035 SA-051 Is.Las Aves de Barlovento Dep. Federales
DIV-036 SA-035 Is.Sal (Los Roques) Dep. Federales
DIV-037 SA-035 Is.Los Roques (El Gran Roque) Dep. Federales
DIV-038 SA-054 Is.La Orchila Dep. Federales
DIV-039 SA-037 Is.La Blanquilla Dep. Federales
DIV-040 SA-037 Is.Los Hermanos Dep. Federales
DIV-041 SA-044 Is.La Tortuga Dep. Federales
DIV-042 SA-044 Is.Los Tortuguillos Dep. Federales
DIV-043 SA-089 Cayo Borracho Falcon
DIV-044 SA-089 Cayo Sal Falcon
DIV-045 SA-089 Cayo Sombrero Falcon
DIV-046 SA-089 Cayo Muerto Falcon
DIV-047 SA-089 Cayo Peraza Falcon
DIV-048 SA-089 Cayo del Sur Falcon
DIV-049 SA-089 Cayo del Medio Falcon
DIV-050 SA-089 Cayo del Norte Falcon
DIV-051   Suanche Falcon
DIV-052   Animas Falcon
DIV-053   Paiclás Falcon
DIV-054   Boca Seca Falcon
DIV-055   Playa Azul Falcon
DIV-056   San Juan Falcon
DIV-057   Cayo Noroeste Falcon
DIV-058   Is. Caracolitos Miranda
DIV-059 SA-058 Farallon Centinela Miranda
DIV-060   Is.Venado Monagas
DIV-061   Is.Guanipa Monagas
DIV-062 SA-012 Is.Margarita Nueva Esparta
DIV-063 SA-012 Is.De Coche Nueva Esparta
DIV-064 SA-012 Is.De Cubagua Nueva Esparta
DIV-065 SA-059 Is.Los Frailes Nueva Esparta
DIV-066 SA-059 Is.Sola Nueva Esparta
DIV-067 SA-059 Is.Testigo Grande Nueva Esparta
DIV-068 SA-048 Is.De Patos Sucre
DIV-069 SA-090 Is.Picuda Grande Sucre
DIV-070 SA-090 Is.Picuda Chica Sucre
DIV-071 SA-090 Is.Caracas del Oeste 3.750mts. Sucre
DIV-072 SA-090 Is.Caracas del Este 2.250mts. Sucre
DIV-073   Is.Venados 2.300mts. Sucre
DIV-074   Is.Los Harapos Sucre
DIV-075 SA-090 Is.Lobos (en la bahia de chacopata) Sucre
DIV-076 SA-090 Is.Caribes (entre lobos y morro chacopata) Sucre
DIV-077 SA-090 Is.Las Tunas Sucre
DIV-078   Is.Cascabel Sucre
DIV-079 SA-066 Is. Toas Zulia
DIV-080 SA-066 Is.Pescadores Zulia
DIV-081 SA-066 Is.Zapara Zulia
DIV-082 SA-066 Is.Barboza Zulia
DIV-083   Is. San Carlos Zulia



With the object of being able to coordinate and to study requests of inclusion of new Islands in the Directory, as well as of the revisions that could be derived in the future, it will be in charge of the "COMISIÓN DE CONCURSOS Y EXPEDICIONES" (Contest and Expeditions Commission).

Therefore, the proposals that are desired to formulate for the inclusion of new Islands in the Directory, must be directed to this commission, with the sufficient advance with the object of its study and approval if it comes.

In case that somebody has certainty of the existence of other islands in its zone of influence and activity being able to demonstrate it documentarily, they will be including in this Program at the request of the interested one, which will have to ask for the inclusion of new islands accompanying all the documentation considered advisable, with the purpose of proving the existence of the island and sending this proposal to the following address:

Comisión de Concursos y Diplomas
Apartado Postal 2285
Caracas 1010-A

This Commission, once studied the received documentation, will inform to the applicant on the resolution adopted as soon as possible.


The station to activate has to be unavoidably on land, for that reason will not be valid activations those conducted from stations of "maritime movable" kind, even being docked at port, anchored or in passage next to the Island.

Is advisable that the expeditionary stations to the Islands have the corresponding special callsign. However, any expeditionary station is possible to use its own callsign as PORTABLE.

The expeditionary will be arranged to demonstrate their stay in the Island, by means of contribution of the sufficient graphical material (pictures or video) in case of being solicitd by the Manager of the DIV. Graphical data like: location in the activated Island, working place, facilities and members that compose the expedition. For its validation they must have carried out a minimum of 100 contacts.

The expeditions credited by the IOTA or DXCC program, will be guaranteed automatically in the DIV program.

The members of expeditions that remain developing the activity, from the beginning to its conclusion, the contact of that Island will be granted to them, valid for the award; for it the applicant should have to credit the activation.