Independence of Venezuela Contest 2008

Diploma Independencia

To conmemorate 197th. anniversary of Venezuelan Independence, the Radio Club Venezolano is sponsoring the 47th. Venezuelan Independence Day contest.

It is a world wide type contest, therefore; don't confine your activity working only Venezuelas stations (YV, YW, YX, YY, and 4M).

****** Working other DX is encouraged!!! ******




STARTS: 00:00 UTC JULY 05, 2008

ENDS: 23:59 UTC JULY 06, 2008




Categories: There are four.

Single operator, single band. SSB, CW or Mixed.

Single operator, all bands. SSB, CW or Mixed.

Multioperator single transmitter. Only Mixed.

SWL all bands. Only Mixed.


BANDS: 10, 15, 20, 40, 80 y 160 meters.


EXCHANGE: RS(T) report plus QSO number starting at 001.



Contacts between stations in the same country one (1) point.

Contacts between stations on the same continent but different countries, three (3) points.

Contacts between stations on different continents five (5) points.



One (1) for each YV call area contacted on each band.

One (1) for each different country contacted on each band (included own) reglardess the mode.

Two qso's are allowed with a station in the same band, one in SSB and one in CW (but only one will count as multiplier).


SWL: A station can be reported in the log only 2 times on the same band, one as sending and one as receiving.


SCORING: Total QSO points from all bands, multiplied by the sum of the multipliers from each band.


AWARDS/PLAQUES: A plaque to the highest scorer in each class and certificates to stations working more than twenty per cent (20 %) of the score reached by winner in the same class. To achieve a plaque at least 100 valid QSO's must be logged.


LOG INSTRUCTIONS: all times must be in UTC. Must show date, time, station call, report and number sent, report and number Received, indication for new YV call area or country and points.


Use a separate LOG sheet for each band, and a summary sheet showing your call sign, name and address, as well as the scoring and the usual signed declaration stating that all CONTEST RULES and regulations for amateur radio in the country of the contestant have been observed.

Each YV call area (9) and each country (DXCC country list) should be entered only the first time they are contacted in each band reglardess the mode.


If more than one band is present in the log without single band indication, the entry will be catalogued as All Band entry.


Contest logs are wellcome in CABRILLO or ASCII format.


DEADLINE: Mail/email deadline is : August 31th. (for all entries). Logs received will be published on the RCVs WEB page at


e-MAIL ADDRESS: e-mails will be confirmed, if you dont get the receipt in 72 hours please resubmit the log.






P O Box 2285



DISQUALIFICATIONS: Violation of amateur radio regulations in the country of the contestant, or the rules of the contest, unsportmanlike conduct, taking credit of excesive duplicate QSOs (> 3%) will be deemed as sufficient cause for desqualification.

All decisions by the contest comitee are finals.